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Angelo Gabriele Kelly

Although born in Pamplona/Spain on the 23rd of December 1981 as the youngest of 12 children, he is an Irish citizen. Soon after his birth his mother Barbara dies from cancer.

The family moves to France, where, as a two year old, he starts to sing with them on stage. During all the travels, Angelo is educated by his father and never steps foot in a normal school. He is also taught to play guitar, percussion and drums by numerous teachers throughout Europe. At the age of seven he is already writing his own songs.

During a concert in Warnemünde/Germany, in 1991, he makes acquaintance with his future wife Kira. The following years the family is constantly playing „the streets“ around the world. In 1993 they sell over 300.000 records at their concerts. In 1994 they release their album „Over the hump“, of which they sell over 3 million copies in Germany. Up to the present day it remains the most successful album ever released in Germany.

2002, after a long and harsh illness his father Daniel Jerome Kelly, at the age of 71, dies. In the next years, Angelo is constantly on tour and is involved in many different projects.


In 2006 he launches his own record label TEN4ONE Records, releases his début album „I’m Ready“ and tours with his own band throughout Europe. Today Angelo is married and has three children with his wife Kira. In this age, in which very few artists write their own songs, he follows an old Singer/Songwriter tradition and with his 27 years, he can already look back at an impressive carrier.

They exchange „the streets“ for grand halls and stadiums and with a total of over 20 million albums sold, The Kelly Family becomes one of the most successful bands in Europe. They go on tour throughout Europe and make many records, which are co-produced by Angelo.

This year his “THE TRAVELLER” Tour will bring him to at least 20 countries and with a total of 90 concerts it is definitely a huge achievement. Angelo has recently announced that it will be his last tour. At least for now.

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